Bioinformatics Internship

ArrayGen Technologies Pvt.Ltd are highly expertise in Genomics and proteomics with more decade of experience in NGS and Microarray as well as algorithm development. Bioinformatics is the branch of biology and this field is widely used in genomics hence all the researchers/students from life science can register for the Internship. All internship program at arraygen is one to one as well as group program. There is complete 100% exposure as per the industry so it is completely different than academy which helps candidate to become independent and 100% skill development which makes 100% compatible for job or any research / higher programs.
Internship Program Highlights

  • The areas of specialization offered are advance bioinformatics algorithm development, next generation sequencing data analysis, Microarray Data Analysis, NGS pipeline Development, Cancer AI and ML as well as image analysis and all possible field of genomics.
  • This opportunity will help the applicant gain working experience on a real time project and help build up base towards building a strong professional experience.
  • The internship program can be obtained either online or offline.
  • All our internship program is one to one as well as in group
  • For the Group program candidate need to form groups and contact us so that group batches will be provided
  • Minimum 4 to 10 candidates in a group are accepted
  • Individual support as well as individual project and guidance will be provided in group too
  • All the manual and reading material will be provided
  • Certificate and Experience Letter will be provided
  • Both National and International candidates can apply
  • B.Sc/B.Tech/M.Tech/M.Sc.,Biotech/MicroBiology/ Chemistry/ Biochemistry/ Botany/ Zoology/ Bioinformatics /Genetics/Life sciences/Biomedical Genetics/Molecular Biology) B.Tech.,(Biotechnology/ Industrial Biotechnology/ Bioinformatics) B.Pharmacy/ M.Pharmacy as well as anyone from life science or any one interested in bioinformatics can apply

    ArrayGen is a global genomics service provider company which is a one stop solution for genomics bioinformatics algorithm development and data analysis. ArrayGen's focus on genomics, NGS data analysis, custom array design, and microarray data analysis thus cover a vast majority of bioinformatics application in life science sector. The main advantage is to learn what is need in Industry so that all will become skilled as well as learning from experts shows real knowledge which will bring 100% power in future career. No one should worry about job if the skill is obtained there is 100% job as well as 100% independent work anywhere. ArrayGen builds 100% growth career to new generation in bioinformatics.

    Internships are offered in :-

    • Genomics Bioinformatics
    • Algorithm Development
    • Biological Database Development
    • Microarray Data analysis
    • Microarray Chip Designing
    • NGS Data analysis
    • Cancer Genomics
    • Custom projects


    Internship is combined with 50% industrial training along with 50% Project thesis guidance. The more the internship duration the more there is exposure and learning independent to handle big data analysis.

    Duration of internship: 1 month / 2 months / 3 months / 6 months / 12 months (Online / Offline)

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    Course fees for internship
    Duration Individual Internship Fee Group Internship Fee (2 to 10)
    1 month INR 30000 / per candidate INR 15000 / per candidate
    2 months INR 45000 / per candidate INR 22500 / per candidate
    3 months INR 60000 / per candidate INR 30000 / per candidate
    6 months INR 120000 / per candidate INR 60000 / per candidate
    12 months INR 240000 / per candidate INR 120000 / per candidate

    Kindly note to receive group discount candidate need to register in group and all the candidate in group will be joining same time and same date.

    Training Schedule

    2 Hours Daily Monday to Friday (During training period 2 hrs will be provided and during project period complete guidance will be provided whenever required there is no time bound)

    Training Slots

    Our working Time is 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Indian Time Available slots - 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM / 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM / 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM / 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

    Training Mode

    Online/Offline Online (For online training candidate have to install Skype and AnyDesk / ZOOM) (it is same like offline) Offline (For offline training candidate have to come to head office Pune and bring their own laptop)

    Payment Options

    Paypal/Wire Transfer/cheque/Gpay/PhonePay/Online Gateway Razorpay (National and International)/Any UPI Payment
    Kindly send us inquiry at to receive registration details in your email or call us on mobile +91-9673625446