ArrayGen offers an expanded selection of custom services and solutions in Genomics Bioinformatics. We assess and evaluate the customer requirement and select the most appropriate protocol and tools to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time. Our focus is on improving working algorithms for their Processing Times, Accuracy, Sensitivity, and Specificity through Genomics Bioinformatics.

Below is the list of all custom array designing services we undertake:

Microarray Data Analysis

ArrayGen offers a range of microarray data analysis solutions ranging from quality control, differential expression, enriched peak detection, methylated regions, insertion / deletion and SNP calls to help researchers derive meaningful conclusions from their data.

NGS Data Analysis

ArrayGen offers a range of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis for disease association studies, cancer genomics, personalized medicine, agriculture biotechnology and life sciences to help researchers derive meaningful conclusions from their data.

Clinical Genomics Services

ArrayGen specializes in microarrays, custom array design, and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis.

AgriGenomics Services

ArrayGen's genotyping array products are ideal for clients' agrigenomics R&D, and can be used by researchers worldwide to predict, validate, and screen genomic traits of their interest.

Bioinformatics Services

ArrayGen's core strength is our own cutting-edge algorithms, protocols, and data analysis expertise in the entire genomics range for Bioinformatics.

BICP Program

Accelerating an automation in bioinformatics to reduce biological problem that improves Human Value and Accessible Everyone! BICP mainly for life scientist and computer scientist to increase their serendipity to understand multi-disciplinary to make automate process by using bioinformatics approach.

Workshops / Training

The ArrayGen VarCaller is a standalone GUI tool, developed by ArrayGen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This is a fast and an efficient variation detection,where any number of fasta sequence can be processed.

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