Bioinformatics Services

ArrayGen's core strength is our own cutting-edge algorithms, protocols, and data analysis expertise in the entire genomics range for Bioinformatics. Genomics and genome-wide data analysis are the current areas of tremendous research across the Life Sciences and Information Technology sectors throughout the world. Researchers are looking to form beneficial industry contacts in order to improve their resolution timelines for core genomic projects, and ArrayGen's range of Bioinformatics services can be a most ideal solution for you.

Keeping in trend with the growth and demands of the Bioinformatics services industry, ArrayGen provides customizable, accurate, sensitive and specific solutions to the following areas of researchers' interests:

  1. Functional Gene Annotations / Genome Annotation
  2. Gene / Orf Prediction
  3. Gene Ontology and Pathway Enrichment Analysis
  4. Genome alignment and Analysis
  5. Motif Prediction
  6. Multiple sequence alignment
  7. BLAST / BLAT Data Analysis
  8. Comparative Genomics
  9. Phylogenetic Analysis
  10. Custom array designing for any application,any organism, any sequence
  11. Targeted resequencing baits for custom Disease gene panels
  12. Microarray Data Analysis
  13. NGS Data Analysis
  14. Bioinformatics Databases and Data mining
  15. Bioinformatics Consulting

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