On-Site NGS Courses

ArrayGen is offering On-Site NGS courses in the era of Next-Generation Sequencing data analysis for both beginners and advanced researchers. The courses are designed and conducted by experts in the field with strong proficiency in analyzing high-throughput sequencing data.

No need to travel so far to get bioinformatics trainings. We can arrange training at your site if candidates are more than 10 !!!

We bring the fundamental knowledge to you. Your team will benefit from onsite NGS trainings covering topics that are relevant to you. We will design suitable hands on training so that your team member can have depth knowledge about technology and use that knowledge to solve real life problems in Bioinformatics. Our trainers are highly expert in current high-throughput sequencing applications.

Advantages of On-Site NGS Data Analysis Courses

  • You cancustomize what you want to learn in the course
  • You can decide the size of the group
  • You can use your own system and own datasets
  • You save money and time
  • You get expert help on the spot

Available Courses (4-5 Hours Per Day)

Training Information

Introduction to NGS

(2-3 Hours)

Understanding Bioinformatics Databases tools (NCBI, UCSC, BLAST, BLAT)

(2 Days)

RNA-seq Data Analysis

(3 Days)

Genome Variant Detection / DNA-seq Data Analysis

(3 Days)

Chip-Seq Data Analysis

(3 Days)

Metagenomic Data Analysis

(3 Days)

MethylSeq(DNA Methylation) Data Analysis

(3 Days)

miRNA Data Analysis

(3 Days)

Linux based commands

( 4-5 Hours)

Perl / Python programming for Bioinformatics

(2 Days)

R basics for NGS and Microarray data analysis

(2 Days)


Altogether we will prepare a customized course based on the needs and interests of your team. You can choose between available training packages and specify additional topics of interest. Based on your wishes, we will design a personalized course, select suitable experts and work out course materials.
The training will be conducted on your site using either sample data provided by us or using one of your live datasets. You only need to take care of an auditory and the required hardware for your employees.
For more information, you can mail us at info@arraygen.com

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