Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis Courses

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), a recently evolved technology, have served a lot in the research and development sector of our society. NGS methods are highly parallelized enabling to sequence thousands to millions of molecules simultaneously. This technology results into huge amount of data, which need to be analysed to conclude valuable information. Analysis of NGS data unravels important clues in quest for the treatment of various life-threatening diseases; improved crop varieties and other related scientific problems related to human welfare.


Participants will be introduced with its applicability to real-time data analysis problem. All our training content is as per industrial requirement and 100% practical exposure which will help candidate to make their better career in the field of bioinformatics.

More than 300+ candidates have taken this course and have successfully build their career in Bioinformatics.
NGS data analysis now you can learn with your own datasets and you can learn NGS analysis to implement for your paper publication or defense your thesis.

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