Sequence Feature Calculator

Nucleotide Counts

Count_A : Count of Adenine Count_C : Count of Cytosine
Count_T : Count of Thymine Count_G : Count of Guanine
GC_ratio : Count(G + C) / Count(A + T + G + C) * 100   Other      : Count of other than A, T, G, and C

What is GC Content?

  • The GC pair is bound by three hydrogen bonds, while AT pairs are bound by two hydrogen bonds.
  • The GC content affects the stability of DNA.
  • The GC content affects the secondary structure of mRNA.
  • The GC content affects the annealing temperature for template DNA in PCR experiments.

Calculate Sequence Feature Using Custom Script

For larger files grater than 10 MB , user can download python custom script. Click Here To Download  

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