Short Term Bioinformatics Training

At present, Bioinformatics is a fast growing field both at the level of Academia and Industry. At ArrayGen, we are keen to impart the expertise in genome-informatics through workshops and training programs. ArrayGen runs a series of bioinformatics workshops to train researchers in developing their own data analysis methods, and enabling them choose the right tools in their specific research projects.Each workshop includes both lectures and hands-on sessions.
ArrayGen offers the following genomics and bioinformatics training courses with a focus on improving participants' practical applications, by using the appropriate theoretical knowledge:


  • To create an awareness with respect to the basic tools and techniques used in bioinformatics at industrial level
  • To provide complete hands-on-training in the basic tools and techniques
  • To inspire and motivate all life sciences to apply these techniques in their research programmes

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Short Term Industrial Bioinformatics Training for life sciences

We also offer customised training for NGS / Microarray / Any Genomics Bioinformatics content if participant want to perform analysis with their own raw data as well as custom tools or cutom pipelines or automate parallel execution or as per the reference paper or new algorithm development as per the candidate request it comes under custom training. We accept raw data from any sequencing platfor illumina, Ion Torrent, Pacbio or Nanopore. Please send us inquiry and one of our business executive will contact you soon.

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